Newborns – Long Island Photographer

What to expect:

All of our newborn photography sessions are done in our clients home. (We’ve been serving our Long Island clients as well as the rest of the NYC, NJ and CT since 2006).

Sessions last about 2-3 hours, so there’s no need to feel rushed or panic of your baby is having an “off-day”. We’ll even stay longer if needed.


When to book? Today.
No deposit, No cancellation fee.

Newborn sessions are generally done at a very early age, 5-10 days is ideal. Clients are urged to reserve a tentative date as early as possible. There is pressure, no deposit and no cancellation fee!

By holding a tentative date for you we would have a much easier time finding you the perfect date when we trade your tentative appointment with one that’s closer to your actual delivery date.


Advantages of At-Home Newborn photos

More than any other session, doing a Newborn portrait session at home is extremely convenient and rewarding:

There is no need to leave the house with a baby who was just born (often less than a week old). No need to pack a ton of baby gear in addition to any props you may want to bring along for the shoot…

When the studio comes to your home, everything is a little less hectic, we can take our time and have the added benefit of having more personal options to work with.
It’s very common for parents to disregard things at the house/apartment that would make for a great, personal prop or background!

More info

For a complete portfolio please visit the Newborn Portrait Gallery on our main website. You’ll also find complete Newborn Photography session info as well as a full price list