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Pet Photographer || Mikey’s session. Long Island

A couple of months ago I was contacted by Lauren, who wanted to surprise her boyfriend with a portrait of his dog Mikey (Boston Terrier).
Here is the shot that was ultimately chosen to get framed and hung:

Pet Photography NYC

Pet Photography Studio at home.

On location pet photography studio


Newborn Photographer NYC session || Andrew and Grahame – 6 weeks old

The past couple of weeks seem like a bit of a blur, but i’m pretty sure there were high-fives all around when we got the twins to sleep on the bookshelf.

Newborn Photographer New York City

Twin Newborn Photography in NYC.

First twins-sleeping-on-a-shelf-shot for me.

Andrew and Grahame are about 6 weeks old. I had a great time working with Jane and her sister Laura to capture these newborn portraits.

Kaden & Jamie || Newborn Photographer in New Jersey || Twins

On April 7th I was flying back to New York after spending a few days in sunny Scottsdale AZ.
Our flight came in around 2am, and at 10am I had an appointment in New Jersey with Judy, who’s twins (Jamie and Kaden) were close to celebrating their 100th day.

My early appointment with Judy made me turn down $600 (flight voucher for each of us) from US Airways who had overbooked our flight and was looking for volunteers to spend an extra night in AZ.
Normally I would have taken that offer. A free flight to Alaska isn’t something I’d say no to very quickly, but I knew how booked up things were when I get back, and Judy had already tried to book a session a couple of months ago but we couldn’t find the right availability for her (book early!)

Having the baby photographed on their 100th day Korean tradition I believe. Judy who is Chinese had her husband watch some of the session via Skype (from China)!

NJ Newborn Photographer

Twin Newborns photography in NJ

Surprisingly this was my first set of boy/girl twins, it has always been either 2 boys or 2 girls until now!

New Jersey Newborn Photographer

New Jersey Newborn Photographer

Westchester Maternity photography

Stacy and Billy live in Westchester and had hired me for their maternity portraits earlier this month.
I wanted to blog about this session from the moment I left their beautiful home but haven’t had a chance until now.

This photo of Stacy sitting was probably the very last shot of the day. It happens often, when that one extra/last photograph can become my favorite from the entire session.

Westchester Maternity Photographer

Westchester Maternity Photographer

“Thank you so much for getting us the maternity photo gallery so quickly!!  I don’t know how I am ever going to decide on what photos I want to get!!!  They look amazing and we are extremely pleased with the outcome of the session.”

Looking forward to their newborn session in June.

Westchester Maternity photographer

New Rochelle Portrait studio.

Maternity Photography in Westchester and New York City

Maternity Photography in Westchester and New York City

Ty – Newborn Photographer in New York || Newborn Session in Long Beach

Someone commented about my posts not being very entertaining , so i’ll try harder.

I’ve blogged before about Liz and Eric my clients in Long Beach… This session was for their friends Gina and Chris who just had a baby boy named Ty.

When I walked into their home a couple of weeks ago I noticed 2 things right away…

1) Ty’s awesome mo-hawk.
2)  The turquoise painted piece of furniture that seemed to beg to be photographed.

I was happy Gina was ok with me putting Ty to sleep on that piecer, because once Ty passed out he was pretty happy anywhere , it didn’t hurt that their home had great natural light!

New York Newborn Photographer

Ty's Mo-Hawk

Newborn Photographer in New York

Long Beach Newborn Session

Blu's Pet Portraits || Brooklyn Pet Photography Session

Yesterday I hired by Anna and Sal in Williamsburg, Brooklyn to photograph their gorgeous rottweiler, Blu.

Blu is 5 years old, she’s not only gorgeous but also a real sweetheart of a dog.  It was about as easy as it gets working with her, and she is actually incredibly photogenic. it was hard to choose which 2 pictures to post here…


Pet Photography in Williamsburg (Brooklyn), NY



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